Loss Assessing

Specialist knowledge earned and learned during the course of 180 years of trading gives us the experience to obtain maximum settlements. The terms of insurance policies may be open to interpretation, our experience in this regard will be of benefit to the insured.

By liasing with the Insurance Company very quickly and by maintaining pressure, we can also obtain a faster reaction time, which minimises your cash flow problems and sets reconstruction plans in motion faster.

Whether it comes to interpreting that small print, or pointing out the options available under your policy, we have the knowledge for evaluating information and progressing the claim through to settlement.

Our experienced and qualified Staff prepare Schedules of Heads of Claim, submit to Insurers and negotiate settlement.

Stock Loss/Damage

Reconciliation of Stock destroyed, including inventories or damaged stock.

Plant, Machinery, Equipment & Other Contents

Inventories of Destroyed and Damaged Plant, Machinery and Equipment, Furnishings and All Other Contents at current prices..


Preparation of Detailed Specification of Building Damage, including taking quantities and evaluation of the loss, taking due regard to demolition and debris removal costs and compliance with Building Regulations etc.

Consequential Loss and Business Interruption

Evaluation of the loss of profits, arising from the damage with regard to the interpretation of the Policy. Advice on Temporary Works and Increased Costs of Working (I.C.W.)

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